Under 16s Confidentiality 




We provide a confidential service to all our patients including under 16’s – “Here to Listen Not to Tell”. This means that you can tell others about your visit, but we won't.


Confidentiality Statement

  • No person outside the employed staff of the Practice has the automatic right to view a patient's records (manual or computer based). Therefore Community Nurses, Health Visitors etc. must request permission to access the records. They must not remove any records, or copy any part without permission. Information is available in the waiting room relating to personal information we keep and the circumstances why information may be passed on.
  • Patients aged 16 and over reserve the right of confidentiality. Under normal circumstances parents are not entitled to have information relating to their children.
  • Patients under 16 also have the right of confidentiality.
  • No information will be given to any relative without prior written consent of the patient. This is particularly important where carers need to represent the welfare of an individual patient.
  • All practice staff are strictly bound by the rules of confidentiality at all times, both on and off the premises, and into perpetuity.
  • Please do not ask staff for information relating to any other person. Staff will not divulge information so please do not ask.
  • If you wish another person(s) to be authorised to receive any information we hold about you this needs to be in writing and signed by the patient and their advocate. Medical records can then be amended to alert us to this wish.
  • The doctors "authorise" the staff to obtain, and give, information on their behalf in a professional and sensitive manner. The intention - to assist in providing our services effectively. However, it remains the patient's right to refuse to provide any information.

For more information about confidentiality for under 16's